My journey as a photographer

For many, photography is a science.
After all, there are ‘rules’ of doing things : Measurement of exposure, light, f-stops, aperture … settings to understand!
It takes effort, commitment, tenacity, trail and error …
It takes time and proper planning to create great photographs!

For us photography is a way of expressing and documenting events, whether they are celebratory, poignant, excruciating or exciting. To capture these precious moments in live there is no better tool than a camera (our camera).

For us, Studio-Mohe,  photography is an art form of itself.
Like painters, using there brushes – to capture the light and create pictures, rich with colors, texture and emotion – we use our camera!  This powerful tool is a way to visualize the world around us.
It provides us the perfect way to express ourselves as Studio-Mohe.

Danny & Hilde
Mouterijstraat 53
3582 Koersel